Essential Media


On Point (Only for the week in news – late on Fridays)
Real Time w/ Bill Maher (Only the main shows & overtime)
The Daily (about 50%)
The Joe Rogan Experience (Only the intellectual interviews)
Tim Ferris (about 30%)

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News Specific

News in General

Of course I subscribe to many more RSS feeds, but they get really specific.  The idea is to bring the news you trust to you & not let it find you so much.  I do use Apple News and never anything from Facebook.  I had to heavily curate the Apple News sources as not to see anything related to opinions, celebrity, gossip, etc.  I rarely watch news on TV as it never ends.  It used to be 30 mins national, 30 mins local, & a 3-4 hour loop on CNN 30 years ago.  Greed has taken over and the networks want your eyeballs constantly.  They can’t have mine.

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