About Ty LaStrapes

I’m a life long learner.  I find myself continually sharing my projects and what I’ve learned with friends & co-workers in an ad-hock fashion.  This is my place to detail all the projects in, around, & between life’s demands.

In my past life I DJed House, Techno, Jungle, etc on vinyl for about 20+ years.  I’m not as obsessed about it these days, but I still seek out good music.  You can check out my music page for more in that area.

I’m always looking for a better tool – physically & mentally.  So I’m usually informed on the latest gadgets and technology and I’m endeavoring to collect/use the ideal mental tools.  I’ll share my experiences with you & let you know which ones are worth it.

I’m also teaching myself how to code when I can find the time (it’s definitely slow going at the moment).

Overall, I intend to stick to my tagline of striving to do less – but better.  That’ll translate into infrequent, but interesting posts on this site.

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