Electrify Your Toddler Wagon

We live in a very hilly neighborhood, to the tune of a 19° driveway incline.  Pushing a wagon/cart with 70lbs of kids around is not desirable in the slightest.  I’ve engineered a solution that solves the strain of pushing the wagon up hills while being very minimal in design.

The QiRoll friction drive electric bicycle conversion kit was the ONLY kit I found that applied power at super slow speeds that are required for walking speed.  The kit has 2 power modes and has an activation thumb actuator.  The included bottle shaped battery is powerful enough to assist on the flat ground and all ascents during a 2 mile walk with a total elevation increase of ~400ft a total of 4 times before needing a re-charge. When engaged and going uphill, it feels like you’re on a flat ground.  Almost no extra effort is required.  There is no noise

The ONLY critical aspect of the whole system is that there is no way to determine the battery level when charging.  You have to connect it to the motor in order to observe a battery status level.  All in all, I’m so glad I installed it.  Be mindful that if you install it on the Creative Outdoor Wagon, you’ll have to grind down a portion of the plastic housing to make it flat and purchase a metal plate from your local hardware store.

FYI: I am using eBay & Amazon affiliate links above.  BTW, I’m still not covering the cost of my blog hosting.

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