First Principles on Being Generally Healthy

  1. On Eating
    1. More plants than animals (1, 2)
    2. More real foods/drinks than processed (1, 2)
    3. If you can’t understand the ingredients, then it’s more processed than not (1, 2)
    4. Less Sugar in the ingredients and never add it to anything (3)
    5. Plate size matters – smaller is better
    6. Less Alcohol – no drugs
    7. Try intermittent fasting – 3 meals a day is a more recent human invention (4)
  2. Being Active is key – our bodies were meant to move (5)
    1. Walk if not run multiple miles a week – get your 10k steps in daily
    2. Park in the rear of the parking lot – don’t be afraid to walk
    3. 20+ mins of strength training a couple times a week
    4. Less sitting
    5. Take the stairs
  3. Mind Your Light Sources (6, 7)
    1. Naturally cycling light rhythms / Blue light during the day – Red at night (8)
    2. Get outside more – best source of natural light
    3. No screens just before bed
    4. Enable Night Shift on iOS & MAC devices & Blue Light Filter on Android (8)
    5. Use IoT bulbs that can change color on a schedule (red at night)
    6. I also used a red marker to color my motion sensing night lights so I don’t have to turn lights at night
  4. Cultivate your mind – It’s like a sponge & it can only hold so much
    1. Limit violent media of all sorts (9)
    2. Less Social Media = Less advertisements = More time for you (10, 11)
    3. You really can’t multitask when the tasks are not menial – so don’t (12)
    4. Turn off the background sounds (tv, radio, etc) (13)
    5. More friends in person – less online personas (14)
    6. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts – let ‘em go! (15)
    7. Be around more positive people (work included)
    8. More on reflection and purpose – less consumption in general (15)
    9. More moderation – less extremes in all that you do (16)


Generally, be very mindful about what you consume, be it food, media, relationships, etc.  The body collects, remembers, & it’s not all good for you.  You don’t need another diet or a pill to become more healthy.  Just remember the basics & determine if what you’re doing fits or not.  Following all of the above will yield a host of benefits; you’ll sleep better; you’ll lose weight & become fitter; you’ll have more energy; & most of all, you’ll be happier.



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