If I Have to Sit, then I Sit on These

As a part knowledge worker, I’m no stranger to sitting for long periods of time behind my computer.  I figured out 16 years ago that my back pain was mostly the direct result of the way I was sitting while working on my computer.  The “ergonomic” chairs that most people can afford are nothing of the sort.  To achieve true ergonomics, one has to spend a bit more money.  Either that, or just stand all day & suffer the trade offs of foot pain. 

This chair is very well built – I bought the below kneeling chair 7+ years ago & its still kicking.  It’s Swedish & called the Thatsit Balans with back by Varier.  So much so that I expect to gift it to my future grand-kids.  I recently had a small plastic piece break.  I emailed the company & they sent 2 replacements the next day!  No questions about when I bought it or proof of purchase (however, I did send them a pics of the worn out part), they just supplied the requisite part.  I’m definitely a fan!  One super-minor drawback is that you have to tighten the hex screws about once a year as you’re swaying back & forth on a real wood frame & the screws do tend to loosen over time.  No big deal – takes 2 mins once a year.  No regrets here!

If you’re a fan of the Showtime show “Billions”, you’ll see a different variant of this chair in the background of Taylor’s flat in season 3 episode 6.  BTW, this particular chair is offered in multiple frame types, seat colors, & seat materials.  It ultimately works out to be thousands of possible configurations. 

While I really enjoy my kneeling chair, my next job has me exiting my chair many times per hour & entering/exiting the kneeling chair that often can get a bit frustrating.  So, I recently bought this German-made chair (called the Swooper).   It’s also configurable to the tune of thousands.  I came across it many years ago online, but couldn’t find a local dealer to test it out.  As fate would have it, last year my wife’s doctor had one in her office.  I was caught testing it out by the office secretary (whoops 🙂 ).   I was hooked.  It’s super extensible – it can be normal height or really tall where I’m almost standing & leaning on it.

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