The Unexpected Toy That Keeps on Giving

The toy that our 3.5 year old keeps going back to over & over is what we call, The Green Machine.  It’s actually called the Plasma Car.  Our son has been using it for 17 months just about every other day.  Beware though it has two major faults, the first of which will become abundantly obvious within minutes.  The plastic wheels that come with it are NOISY.  They also slow your toddler’s roll.  I replaced mine with Plasma Car Polyurethane Replacement Wheels & the blissful return of quietness is not to be understated.  AND, they glow in the dark!  The polyurethane wheels are a must!  The other fault is the semi-sharp nose.  Your toddler will definitely seek to ram your leg and the occasional wall.  To minimize the pain & to quiet those collisions, just tape a section of bumper from Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards (which I’m sure you’ve already invested in) just to the nose.   

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