Android Stereo Install for a Subaru

I spent 20+ hours over the past 4 weeks to find all the info & correct parts needed to replace my 2014 Forester Fujitsu navigation stock head unit (FF615US) with an Android Based head unit (which uses the rk3188 chip).  Hopefully, I’ll save you 75% of your time with this post.  General info on the head unit is here.

Parts Needed:

  1. Metra 95-8202 (Face Kit)
  2. ASWC-1 (Universal Steering Wheel Interface)
  3. Metra AX-TOY28SWC (Steering Wheel Controller Add-On Harness)
  4. PAC CAM-TY11 (Reverse Camera Harness)
  5. 40-LX11 (Antenna Adapter Cable)
  6. Metra 70-1761 (Radio Wiring Harness)
  7. Metra AX-ToyUSB (USB adapter)
  8. Reverse Cam Wiring from AutoHarnessHouse.  I actually had some miscommunication via email, accidentally ordering the wrong cable.  Thanks to this thread for helping me re-pin/re-wire everything & to this page for helping me figure out what wires were what (since they were all the same color).
  9. 7” Anti-Glare screen protector

Wiring Everything Together:

  1. Guide for connecting wires are here & here.
  2. Since I didn’t get a response from the AE64 guy, I bought the Metra AX-TOY28SWC cable & just moved 2 pins (on the male end [large white connector]) to make it compatible using image 6 from below as a guide:
    • Move Pin 15 to 17
    • Move Pin 11 to 25
  3. I connected the Parking Brake wire to the ground as to avoid any lock outs while driving.
  4. Not pictured are the directly connected USB cable, the reverse cam RCA, GPS Antenna, & head unit mic cables.
  5. Lastly, there is a ground wire that’s connected to the OEM radio metal frame.  I just used that frame so the ground wouldn’t have to be directly connected to the radio chassis (as there is no ground point to connect to).  Be advised that using the OEM frame will keep the face kit from fitting just right.  So, I filed off the bracket part of the frame & just glued them to the side of the radio.  Less elegant & it showed a bit of ill-flushness (as you can see in the main pic), but hey it worked.  Besides, the volume knob was just too flush against the face kit, IF the face kit were to be flush against the dash.

Images descriptions:

  1. Top Left – Fujitsu deck rear.
  2. Top Center – Android Deck rear (I added the tape to keep the Wi-Fi antennae orientation vertical)
  3. Top Right – Android Deck wiring diagram sticker affixed to top of radio.
  4. Bottom Left – most of the wires I used.
  5. Bottom Center – after most of the wires were connected together (minus the ASWC 3.5mm adapter) (BTW, I used heat shrink wrapping in addition to electrical tape).
  6. Bottom Right – Fujitsu 28-pin cable pin out.

ASWC-1 Specific Install Info:

  1. The Metra AX-TOY28SWC eliminates a portion of the ASWC-1 kit since they work together, so don’t worry when you have a cable left over.
  2. Regarding the 3.5mm adapter cable – Brown connects to Key1 – Brown/White “can” be connected to Key2.
  3. Change radio type of ASWC-1 to METRA (don’t skip this step unless you feel banging your head against the dash wondering why it just doesn’t work!).
  4. Program keys via Radio’s Settings (option is at the very bottom of the 1st level page).

Head Unit Specific Info:

Mobile Phone Holder Info:

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