EDM Discovery Sources

Over the years, many of my friends have asked me where I source the electronic dance music (EDM) in my DJ mixes.  The bottom line is that I find new music mainly by listening to the mixes below.  I’m generally months behind on all of them, simply because there’s just no way for me to keep up.  Shazam plus a few key sites (that have track listings) help me find the individual tracks.  I’ve been collecting a great deal of music & I know It’s been years since I’ve made any DJ mixes.  However, I plan to remedy that over the coming year.  Anyway, below are my sources.  I’ll update this post soon with a link to specific mixes I recommend downloading.

  1. RA Podcast (Various)
  2. Electronic Groove Podcast (Techouse)
  3. Elektronic Force Podcast [podomatic, iTunes, or MixCloud] (Techno)
  4. Expansion Broadcast Podcast (DnB)
  5. Kirin (DnB)
  6. Fabric [Premixed] (Various)
  7. Fabric Live (Various)
  8. Radio 1 Essential Mix (Various)
  9. Deeper Shades of House Podcast (Deep House)
  10. Deep House Cat Podcast (House)
  11. Soma.fm via Roku (for all things lounge & downbeat)

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