Slat Pipe Table

 Completed slat pipe table. Completed slat pipe table.

This is a project I completed in Feb of 2013.  I saw a post from another guy who made just the slat table back in 2011 & a post of the just pipe table base.  Those inspired me to combine the 2 projects – the result is above.  The table is super sturdy weighing in around 100lbs.  Since then, I’ve bolted my table saw & miter saw to it.

I remember that finding the individual pipes wasn’t as easy as I thought.  Home Depot & Lowes only had so many pieces in the sizes I needed.  I had to order a few parts from Amazon which was more expensive due to the shipping weight.  I used 4 types of wood & 3 finishes which worked out to provide enough variety in shading.  The hard woods are NOT easy to drill, so I’m going to stay away from them next time.  Perhaps I can find the nickel finished pipes like the guy in the original post used.  Please leave a comment with suggestions if you know where to find them.

 Slat table top build in progress. Slat table top build in progress.

I also had a garden bed project that used a similar style for the framing.  Pics of that are below.

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