Electrify Your Toddler Wagon

We live in a very hilly neighborhood, to the tune of a 19° driveway incline.  Pushing a wagon/cart with 70lbs of kids around is not desirable in the slightest.  I've engineered a solution that solves the strain of pushing the wagon up hills while being very minimal in design. The QiRoll friction drive electric bicycle... Continue Reading →

A Better Vehicle Windshield Sun Shade

Just grab and pull.  I have a Dash Design installed in both my Ascent (21") and Impreza (23'").  The fact that it's always there saves me time.  When it's not deployed, it I don't even notice it.  The heat rejection is very noticeable.  To the point that I use it when in the car idling... Continue Reading →

Best Kids’ Shoes Ever!

I've finally found the most indestructible kids' shoes to date (running version here).  They have a thick rubber toe guard, velcro, non-slip outter sole, and my kid thinks they're comfy.  AND they're cheap no less!  I think I'm going to buy 5 years worth right now.

IoT Blinds Served by QNAP

I recently spent way too much time trying to enable all the supporting software components get my IoT Blinds working natively on my Qnap.  The intent of this post is to save you all that time. The IoT Blinds instructions call for downloading openhabian (a pre-configured OpenHab designed for a Raspberry Pi or Arduino).  Instead,... Continue Reading →

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