Best Kids’ Shoes Ever!

I've finally found the most indestructible kids' shoes to date (running version here).  They have a thick rubber toe guard, velcro, non-slip outter sole, and my kid thinks they're comfy.  AND they're cheap no less!  I think I'm going to buy 5 years worth right now.

IoT Blinds Served by QNAP

I recently spent way too much time trying to enable all the supporting software components get my IoT Blinds working natively on my Qnap.  The intent of this post is to save you all that time. The IoT Blinds instructions call for downloading openhabian (a pre-configured OpenHab designed for a Raspberry Pi or Arduino).  Instead,... Continue Reading →

If I Have to Sit, then I Sit on These

As a part knowledge worker, I'm no stranger to sitting for long periods of time behind my computer.  I figured out 16 years ago that my back pain was mostly the direct result of the way I was sitting while working on my computer.  The "ergonomic" chairs that most people can afford are nothing of... Continue Reading →

Proven Tips for PCSing to Germany

We put these tips together because we wish we had them prior to moving.  They would've saved us some time and money.  More specifically, this outline of tips is intended for Soldiers or Civilians (Army or Air Force) who permanently change station overseas to Germany.  It includes more specific links for PCSing to Wiesbaden (which... Continue Reading →

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